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A luminous book...
02 07 2015

A beautiful project by Indonesian designer Max Gunawan, ready to become your next travelling companion. Hybrid, this lamp-book intelligently uses the principle of laser cutting to give some flexibility to its plywood cover. The integration of a white led light source, placed behind a non-woven but very resistant polyethylene paper-like material, creates a nice warm glow. Both sides of the cover are equipped with a super powerful magnet.
Lumio offers real versatility: it opens (lighting as soon as it is half-opened), folds and unfolds, able to attach itself to any metallic surface... the possibilities are numerous. Delivered with a beautiful leather handle and 2 magnets to keep the cover from breaking when fully opened to form a lantern, setting quite the romantic atmosphere!
Easy to charge with its micro-usb cable, Lumio has an 8 hours autonomy.
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